Parish Councillors

In readiness for the May 2019 Parish Council Elections, seven nominations were received.  Thus,  the election was deemed to be uncontested  as 7 nominations were received for the 7 positions. This was confirmed by the Returning Officer on 5 April 2019.

Following the untimely death of the Parish Council's Chairman, Cllr Ian Sayers, a seventh Councillor was co-opted on the Council

  • Dr Alison Brown
  • Mr John Dickinson
  • Mr Ernest Law-Riding
  • Mrs Carol Milne (Chairman)
  • Mr Geoffrey Rollinson
  • Mr David Royle
  • Ms Helen Wilson (Co-opted 2019)


Councillors have three main areas of work:

  1. Decision-making: through attending meetings and committees with other elected members, councillors decide which activities to support, where money should be spent, what services should be delivered and what policies should be implemented;
  2. Monitoring: councillors make sure that their decisions lead to efficient and effective services by keeping an eye on how well things are working;
  3. Getting involved locally: as local representatives, councillors have responsibilities towards their parishioners and local organisations.