Ribchester and the Best Kept Village Competition

Over the years The Parish Council has strived to improve the village environment. This effort has not gone unnoticed by the Judges of the Best Kept Village competition, who have remarked that Ribchester is a very well maintained village, with well kept private and commercial properties, many with delightful gardens, window boxes & hanging baskets. Both churches are so very well cared for and very warm and inviting.”


Latterly however, the Parish Council has found the going a little harder. With resources becoming stretched we are finding that we cannot do all that we would wish. Our current cleansing policy is restricted to footway litter picking and the sweeping of roadside gutters with the intention of covering the village every 3 to 4 months. There is also some added emphasis on the Church Street and Millennium Garden areas. Ribchester is a working village and our efforts are often thwarted when a few days after cleaning the gutters can once again be filled with grass, hay and debris.


While the County and Borough Councils do what they can they themselves are beset by funding difficulties. There can also be conflict between the local councils and the utilities, who still dig up our streets willy nilly.


So we need your help.


Our streets are often crammed so full of cars that it becomes almost impossible to clean them. Keeping the area under and around you car clean would help enormously.  Weeding the paths at the edge of your house would also enhance the look of the village.  In the end these are our streets, pavements and open spaces. It is up to us all to maintain the standards.