Village Flood Precautions

Flood precautions


Most properties in Ribchester have the potential to be affected by flooding, whether from the river and its watercourses or from surface water. After heavy rain roadside drains can become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of water and overflow. There is simply nowhere for the water to go and this can sometimes cause a flood, stretching across streets, pavements and into properties. Surface water flooding can happen without warning during and after heavy rainfall or flash floods, making it difficult to predict.


Following the experience of last year the County Council has launched a campaign to raise awareness of how people can be more prepared for flooding. The campaign aims to reinforce the work of agencies in increasing the level of community resilience in relation to both property level flooding and surface water flooding. Details of the campaign can be found on the County Council’s website


The campaign also emphasises that should your property be damaged by flooding, don’t be tempted to agree to have work done by someone who appears at the door unannounced. Always use reputable contractors and do not pay in advance. Find a trader using the ‘Safe trader Scheme’