Aerial View of Ribchester

"It is written upon a wall in Rome; Ribchester was as rich as any town in Christendom"

This is the website of Ribchester Parish Council, serving the people of Ribchester, Stydd and Knowle Green in the Ribble Valley.

Ribchester lies in a curve of the River Ribble in Lancashire, mid-way between Preston and Clitheroe. It is a pleasant jumble of multi-coloured stone cottages in long twisting terraces with a rich and well preserved historical tradition. The village is famous for its idyllic setting on the River Ribble and for being the site of the Roman fort of Bremetennacum.

Please contact us if you have questions concerning the work of the Parish Council, if you have any concerns that you feel the Council should be aware of or where we can help or support you.

The Parish of Ribchester

The village of Ribchester in Lancashire  © Crown copyright 

Latest News

The Parish has been hit hard by the news that our two local bus services, Blackburn to Chipping and Clitheroe to Chipping, will cease operating from 21 February. Here is a response from the Parish Council.

Lately the Parish Council has become uneasy about the speed of traffic passing through the village, a feeling echoed by a number of residents. 

The Core Strategy sets out development in Ribble Valley until 2018, including how many new houses the area needs and where they might be built.

On November 5th 2014, Ribchester said a fond farewell to the Roman Parade Helmet following a 4-month stay at Ribchester Roman Museum. 

Ribchester FC have plenty of reasons to be cheerful going into 2015. Our warmest congratulations to them on their latest successes.